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Jesus is the Truth
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I am just an average person. I was born in the United States, raised in a Christian home, attended Christian schools from PreK to University.

As a teenager, I started to fall away from the Christian faith. I couldn’t reconcile my feelings about the sin I was seeing in the church with what I had been taught from birth. I didn’t completely reject God but I considered myself more of an agnostic (there is a God, I just don’t know who he is).

I met and married a French man. We lived a fun life, moving whenever we wanted a change. We created no roots because we felt we didn’t need them.

And then our first child was born in 2010. Our plan was to be like everyone else. Put her in childcare part-time so I could work, send her to school at 3 years old (like most French families), and follow the status quo.

But she was a difficult child. Everything I had ever learned about babies had to be questioned. This wasn’t easy because I had started babysitting at 11 years old. I had even been a nanny for a couple of years after university. But my new daughter did nothing like I expected.

The Fussy Baby Book by Dr. Sears
The Fussy Baby Book by Dr. Sears

I sought advice (like everyone else) from our pediatrician, my mother-in-law, trained childcare staff at our local accueil jeux. Nothing worked to calm her, help her sleep, get her in a rhythm. She cried almost constantly. Wouldn’t sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. Exhausted us both.

I started researching online for help. And I found a book, The Fussy Baby book by Dr. Sears. I started to receive answers. What he said made sense. His advice helped. We finally had a child that would sleep and eat and was growing big and healthy.

But it also sent us on a search for truth. We had to adjust everything we had ever known to be true. We had to disregard the advice of the status quo. It just didn’t work for our baby. We had to create our own routine, our own rhythm, our own identity as a family. What worked for everyone else did not work for us.

And it made us begin to question everything else. If society was wrong about this, what else was it wrong about? We spent years jumping down every rabbit hole searching for the truth.

Sometimes we were disappointed. Sometimes we got the coveted ‘aha’ moment. Always we were led away from the system. Until we came to the Ultimate Truth.

Everything we researched that proved solid kept leading us back to Jesus. Everything that began to make sense had a basis in the Bible. What I had run away from as a teenager came rushing back to me in one fell swoop as I picked up a Bible for the first time in nearly two decades.

While searching for the truth of this world, I found the Truth of this world. Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6) And He has been my salvation.

God has blessed me. He has accepted me back into His family. I am the prodigal child He spoke about. And I want nothing more than to help those who find themselves where I was so many years ago. Trying to make sense of a world that doesn’t work.

Because it actually all does make sense. When you accept Jesus as your Savior. When you see the truth of the Bible. When you accept God in your life. Then you will see as clearly as I did that we are living in a fallen world and that the only way out is through Jesus Christ.