Be Not Deceived – The Great Awakening

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This is the 3rd in the Be Not Deceived series. And probably the most important. All other articles in this series culminate in the understanding of the Great Awakening.

As I mentioned in the article The god of This World, Satan is the father of lies. He is the great deceiver. And he has used many deceptions during his reign here on earth. The article Pharmakeia mentions one such deception.

And it seems that deceptions are being revealed at an alarming rate. People all over the world are rising up to protest their governments as details of corruption and tyranny are being found. More and more people are learning the truth many “conspiracy theorists” have been reporting on for years.

Not to mention the Q movement that broke during the years of Donald Trump’s presidency.

They are all calling it the Great Awakening.

So what is the Great Awakening?

Simply put, this is the revealing of the truth of our world. The lies that many of our governments, corporations, and even celebrities have been hiding behind. It is learning that Hollywood is full of pedophiles. And so is Washington.

It is learning about the elites. Those power-hungry rich men and women who are really pulling the strings behind many of our current policies. And many of our current trends.

It is learning about the pharmaceutical companies manipulating our health for profit. Bill Gates pushing vaccines and buying up all the farmland. Most likely for nefarious purposes.

It is exposing the New World Order and the Great Reset.

It is the mass awakening of the people to the evil that has been in our world, hidden for centuries.

And it is controlled.

See, while many of us are being outraged by the slow release of crime after crime against humanity, we are blind to everything else going on in the world. And we are being manipulated to get angry.

We are being herded towards a period of chaos. A time when the world will be utterly in shambles.

As these outrages are revealed, people will get angrier and angrier. Just look at the increase in protest activity in the world. Even though most is not being reported, places like France (where I live) have seen the protests continue every weekend for nearly five years!

And rather than fizzle out (as such things do when the people begin to realize the governments are not listening). Instead, they are growing. People who never protested before are showing up in even the smallest towns.

Elections in western countries are looking more and more like they are being rigged. And the information is so blatant. Many leaders in major western nations are stepping down: Italy, England, Germany, etc.

The Great Reset

One of the most obvious anger-inducing plots being discussed recently is that of the Great Reset. It is a plan by the World Economic Forum (WEF), an unelected group of powerful men and women in both the political and corporate arena.

This plan is laid out in the book of the very same name by the head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab. And it is slowly being implemented in our countries under the name of Agenda 21 or Agenda 30. Or most recently, Build Back Better or the Great Reset.

This plan, if it succeeds, would create a global government. One that is unelected. And its directives would be enforced through a Chinese-style social credit system.

It has been in the works for decades. And really took off during the global pandemic. In fact, many speculate that this is why the pandemic began when it did.

Their goal of a global government, a new world order, was set for 2030. And without some kind of event that would help crash the old system, it was looking like it could not be achieved.

But now, because of the lockdowns and draconian restrictions of the last two years, they are in a better place. The whole system is about to crash. Inflation – destruction of the financial system; increase in deaths (SADS)/ covid – destruction of the health system; climate crisis – destruction of the food system.

All of this has been manufactured to usher in their solution of the Great Reset, the New World Order.

Okay. So here is where it gets a little tricky.

And this is the actual deception.

You see, they want us to see the strings of this evil agenda. They want us to protest the coming world tyranny. And they want the people to wake up, as the truth community puts it.


Because this is not their actual plan.

Hegelian Dialectic

To understand this a little better, it helps to know about the Hegelian Dialectic. It is a manipulative philosophical theory put into practice by those in power. They use this whenever they want to create change.

The three steps are known as thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Otherwise known as problem, reaction, solution.

In essence, they create a problem. This problem will elicit a specific reaction. At which point, they will offer the solution. Usually, whatever they wanted us to do in the first place but knew we wouldn’t accept easily.

This short video gives a simple explanation of how it is being used to destroy Christianity.

This dialectic has been used over and over in rapid succession the last few years to confuse us. And to reformat our thought process. And many in the truth community and Christian community are getting caught up in it.

The Bigger Picture

As I mentioned in god of this world, it is important for us to know who our enemy is. And part of that is exposing the deceptions. Deceptions like pharmakeia, the transgender/ androgyne agenda, transhumanism, racial divide, and many others.

It is important to know these in order to not get caught up in it. However, even more importantly is to see the bigger picture, the bigger deception. These deceptions are released in rapid succession so that we don’t notice that what is coming after is even worse. Though by the time it takes center stage it will seem like a relief from all the chaos and tension of the previous years.

This will be the true antichrist system that will, if it be possible, deceive the very elect.

Knowing the enemy and their belief of duality (as well as the Hegelian Dialectic) can help. They are trying to bring in the light side of the dark side.

But most importantly, we are to keep our eyes on Jesus. By looking to Him and only Him, we will not be confused or manipulated by the system.

There is a reason we are told “be not conformed by the world but be ye transformed.” By not living as the world or having the same expectations of peace on this earth, it will be impossible to be caught up in the deception.

Be aware but do not participate.

When I first started looking for the truth in this world, I got caught up in a lot of these deceptions. The Q movement especially had me tricked for a little while because the Bible was quoted quite often. Ephesians 6:12 was a special favorite.

But we have a merciful and gracious God. The Holy Spirit continued to guide me through the deceptions. Revealing them to me as I researched and leading me always back to the truth. Found in Jesus Christ alone (John 14:6).

Remember Ephesians 6 where we are told to wear the armor of God. It never says that we are to attack. We are not to be participating in the protests or revolution. We are called simply to stand.

And again, Jesus tells us to endure until the end. Not getting caught up in the affairs of this world. But simply living our lives for the glory of God even while the world may rage around us.

Look at the words of the worship song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in his wonderful face

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim

In the light of his glory and grace

Helen Howarth Lemmel

Keep close to the LORD and you will not be deceived.

As always, I encourage you to do your own research. And above all, stay close to God. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all things.

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